Doro::Create PDF files for free - FAQ
Doro Name
This Doro PDF Writer is not affiliated in any way with doro AB. The similar name is purely coincidental. Doro is named after Doro Place in Los Angeles.
More Options and Automation
See Doro.ini in the install directory for automation. You can specify all settings, set auto-printing and specify the output file format like pdf, png, jpg or tif. These settings can also be setup in the registry at HKCU\Software\CompSoft\Doro\Ini. You can use .adm and .admx group policy administrative template files to configure Doro in your company environment.
Multiple Doro PDF Printers with different configurations
You can create multiple Doro PDF Printers by duplicating HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Printers\<name>.
To specify a different Doro.ini or settings registry location, create DoroSettingsIni [default: full path to Doro.ini] or DoroSettingsRegistry [default: Software\CompSoft\Doro] inside this registry locations.
This application is running in the background and is needed for Windows NT 4.0 support. For all other Windows versions, it’s used as backup mechanism to launch the graphical user interface of Doro.
Doro is completely free. You can use the software for business and private stuff. However, you are free to donate me some money. Please don’t use it for illegal things.
.ps to .pdf convertion
After installation you can also start the ‘Doro.exe’ executable directly to convert .ps [PhostScript] files into .pdf files.
Prevent bitmap fonts
To prevent that small non-standard fonts are printed as bitmaps, reduce the ‘Threshold to switch between downloading bitmap or outline fonts’ at Control Panel | Printers | Doro PDF Writer | Properties | Fonts | Send Fonts As... in some Windows versions.
In case Adobe Acrobat stays open after printing, add the output folder path to ‘Privileged Locations’ in the Preferences | Security (Enhanced) options of Adobe Acrobat.
Windows 95A support
For Windows 95A, you must install ‘Windows Sockets 2.0’. You can download this from Microsoft. [Q182108]
Please note that the real work is done by ‘GhostScript’. Which will be installed during setup.
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