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To check for emails in labeled folders, just enter the name of the label.
In case you have nested folders, specify both labels with a minus sign between. Example: parentLabel-subLabel.
IMAP Folders
To check for emails in folders below the inbox, use: INBOX/folder. If the folder is not below the inbox use only the name: folder.
In case you have sub folders, build the path with / sign between each folder. Example: folder/subFolder.
If your newest mail gets automatically marked as unread, please adjust your Outlook / Live / Hotmail settings:
Gear Icon • More Mail Settings • Reading email / Reading pane • Check: Show a message only after I select it
ToolTip Display Duration
Windows is restricting the duration of a tooltip. If you want a long display duration, check the ‘Use alternative Tooltip’ option. You can enter any duration like ‘60 minutes’, the listed options are only suggestions.
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