Version Change
1.28 AdSense login working again
1.27 AdSense login working again
1.26 AdSense login working. WebView2 component is needed. Translations added.
1.25 AdSense login working. WebView2 component is needed.
1.24 Italian translation improved
1.23 Amazon handling imroved
1.22 AdSense login working again
1.21 Greek fixed, High DPI support improved
1.20 Amazon working again
1.19 Show today's balance in Google AdSense added
1.18 Google AdSense working again
1.17 Notifications improved
1.16 Russian translation added, is something weird translated, please contact me
1.15 Danish translation added
1.14 Norwegian translation added
1.13 Italian and Frisian translation added
1.12 Spanish translation added
1.11 French translation added
1.10 login improved, Greek translation improved
1.09 Google AdSense updated for new website layout
1.08 support added, more country Amazon Associates added
1.07 Amazon Associates support added
1.06 Dutch translation added
1.05 Greek and German translation added
1.04 'last 7 days', 'yesterday' and 'today' as option added

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