Have you ever been annoyed by Visual Studio’s SpyXX when finding the correct window? SpyEx shows the real window icon!


All visible top-level windows are shown first. After them, all invisible are following.
See all visible and non-visible windows of all applications.
Highlight every window, even hidden ones. Selecting a child window will highlight it automatically.


Spy Messages

See windows messages and their parameters. Spy on exact window, including child windows, same thread, same process or all windows.


See hidden Password

Reveal content of password edit boxes in applications and Internet Explorer.



Enumerate UI Automation or Active Accessibility tree.
Version 1.38 · · 2MB · VirusTotal Report
New: Per-Monitor DPI support added History
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Install using package managers:

winget install --id the-sz.SpyEx -e --forcecontent_copy
choco install spyex.portable -y --ignore-checksumcontent_copy

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows 11 Windows 11
Windows 10 Windows 10
Windows 8 Windows 8
Windows 7 Windows 7
Windows Vista Windows Vista
Windows XP Windows XP
Windows 2000 Windows 2000
Windows Server Windows Server


You can press F5 to refresh the tree view.
When you click ‘Refresh’ with pressed Shift or Control key, the refresh will happen in 5 seconds. So you have time to setup your windows.

Make a right click onto a message in the ‘Messages’ tab and select ‘Disable this Message’ to prevent further display.
In the ‘Options’ tab, you can enable/disable each single message or message groups.

Start ‘SpyEx.exe /32’ to spy 32 Bit applications on a 64 Bit Windows version.



Download Mirrors:

download.cnet.com softpedia.com www.geardownload.com programosy.pl www.fiberdownload.com www.tucows.com www.downloadcrew.com maddownload.com pcauthority.com.au soft32download.com winportal.com zdnet.com www.rockybytes.com www.windows7download.com