Doro::Create PDF files for free
The setup contains all what you need for creating colored pdf files for free.
Free Music & Video Downloader::Download mp3 files for free
Download your favorite music from, YouTube and others. Just enter the song name and press 'Search'.
Spencer::Windows XP Style Start Menu for Windows 10
Bring back the Classic Windows XP Start Menu to Windows 10. / GMail / Yahoo / / / Lotus Notes Email Notifier
Get notified about new mails in your, gmail, yahoo,,, IBM / Lotus Notes, and inbox.
Conroe::GMail, Outlook, iCloud & Lotus iNotes Calendar Notifier
Get notified about your calendar items from GMail, Outlook, iCloud and Lotus iNotes.
Redwood::View and Extract Resources
View and extract resources from EXE, DLL, OCX, CPL or any other Windows 32 and 64 Bit PE file.
York::Log all network traffic
Log source, destination and packet size of all network traffic on your network.
Seaside::Start multiple Skype sessions
Login into Skype with multiple Skype and Microsoft/MSN accounts.
Malden::See users Skype status in the taskbar
See online status of other Skype users directly in your taskbar.
Skype Focus Fix
Set the focus automatically to the chat textbox of Skype
Flash Builder/Flash Player::Convert SWF file into borderless & translucent EXE application
Convert any SWF flash movie file into an executable without border and with animation & translucency.
Compton::Storage Device Info
See the manufacturer details of your hard drives and solid state drives.
Temple::USB Device Info
See the details (vendor id and product id, serial number, device type, transfer speed) of your usb devices.
USB ID Database::Vendor ID and Product ID list
Database of USB devices and their Vendor and Product ID's
Trion::Serial Port Terminal
This serial port terminal application supports ANSI colors, save received data and logging to a text file.
Grand::See Sensor Values
See all sensor data on Windows 8 and Windows 7. Its event driven. The data will be automatically updated if something changes.
Homedale::Wi-Fi / WLAN Monitor
Monitor the signal strength of multiple Wi-Fi / WLAN Access Points.
Bennett::Bluetooth Monitor
Monitor the signal strength of multiple Bluetooth devices.
Bedford::Bluetooth Low Energy Device Info
See all Bluetooth Low Energy device properties.
PortScan::Scan and identify network devices
Find all active devices on your network. PortScan shows all open ports and information about HTTP, FTP, SMTP, SNMP and SMB.
Carroll::Set individual screen resolution for every user
Set for every user a different screen resolution. After logon, the screen resolution will be automatically changed.
SpyEx::Dissect Applications & HTML pages + Spy Windows Messages
Dissect Applications & Spy Windows Messages
Parkdale::Measure read and write speed
Get the read and write speed from your harddisks, cdrom devices and network servers.
Rimhill::Limit CD-ROM Speed
This program sets the maximum cd-rom speed to a specified level in your drive.
CDInfo::Read ISO descriptors from CD
See all ISO descriptors from all attached cd-rom drives.
Richmond::NFC/RFID Reader
Detect and read ISO 14443 and ISO 15693 NFC/RFID tags and see their content.
Auburn::Earnings Notifier for Google AdSense, Amazon Associates &
See your current earnings and get notified if you receive new earnings from Google AdSense, Amazon Associates and
Medford::Modbus Viewer
View Modbus registers from Modbus Slaves using Modbus RTU and TCP/IP
Sherwood::Simple SCADA System
View Modbus registers from Modbus Slaves using Modbus RTU and TCP/IP and build your simple SCADA system
Bear::See GDI/User Object usage of all processes
See object usage for every process under Windows.
Stanley::Samsung EI-AN900 Viewer
Manage your Samsung EI-AN900A Samsung Activity Tracker using the Bluetooth Low Energy connection on your Windows computer.
Yale::See network adapter usage
See the bandwidth usage of all network adapters. Separated into up and down link. Additional the CPU usage and disk transfer rates are shown.
Norwood::See CPU usage graph
See the CPU usage of each core.
Nassau::See all network connection settings
After start, a small icon near the clock is shown. The tooltip of this icon shows the username, computername and workgroup/domain. Further, for every network adapter, every ip, gateway and dns server address.
Royal::Read RSS [Really Simple Syndication] posts
Read posts on RSS feeds. This program checks on startup and periodically for new posts on RSS feeds.
CPU Grab Ex::Stress your CPU
Slow down your computer by consuming CPU power.
KMZ, KML, GPX & TCX Track Viewer::View Tracks in 3D and 2D
View your KMZ, KML, GPX & TCX track in 3D & 2D from every angle
Pictures on Map::View your Google Drive Photos on a Map
View your Google Drive Geotagged Photos on a Map
VBB Info::Status der Berliner Bahnen und Busse und die Pünktlichkeit im Wochenverlauf
Aktueller Status der Berliner Bahnen und Busse und die Pünktlichkeit im Wochenverlauf
Coronavirus Disease Map::Map view and chart of top 20 countries
Map view of confirmed cases and deaths per 100.000 inhabitants and chart of top 20 countries
VisualCVS::doing CVS/SVN the easy way
Do CVS/SVN operations like 'upload' and 'download' with one click.
mod_auth_msfix::Apache Module for Windows
This is the compiled version of the 'mod_auth_msfix' module for Apache version 2.x for Windows. I used the source code version 0.2.1 [November 2003]
RequestTrace::Trace all IRP's in Windows
Select on the left side the driver class which you want to trace. You can make a right click on a driver class to rebuild the driver stacks of this class.
Netchat::Chat with other users in the same subnet
The program creates a icon near the clock in your taskbar. With a left or right mouseclick you can chat, send your clipboard or transfer a file.
Quartz::Dial/Disconnect/Redail internet connection & update DynDns accounts
Dail a connection on startup and if you wanna, redail if this connection will be disconnected. Disconnect after a specified time period. [e.g. 23 hours] Automatic reconnect if specified.
CheckSum::Calculate new checksum for PE Images
Calculate a new checksum for a given PE image. This is needed for device drivers since Windows NT checks the checksum before loading the driver.
PEPatch::Patch the PE File Header of Win98 and NT files
Written to change the 'Subsystem Version' to write screensavers with preview in Borland C 4.5.
PM_SZ_OS::32 Bit Protected Mode Operating System for 486+ Processors
32 Bit Protected Mode Operating System for 486+ Processors
SZ_OS::32 Bit Real Mode Operating System for 386+ Processors
32 Bit Real Mode Operating System for 386+ Processors
Hunter::Police drama series on NBC between 1984 and 1991
Police drama series on NBC between 1984 and 1991