Download your favorite music and videos for free.

Just enter an artist name or song title and press ‘Search’.

Use vkontakte, and baidu to download free MP3 files. Get videos and convert them to MP3 from YouTube and Vimeo. Listen to music mixes from SoundCloud, MixCloud and BandCamp. Download complete TV series from Watch movies from ARD, ZDF, Arte, Kika and Phoenix.

Download from QQMusic requires a chinese ip address. You can use PureVPN to fake a Shanghai location.


Just enter the artist name like Madonna to download all mp3 songs from Madonna. Unfortunately you need a free account to download music.


Search for any movie name or paste the address of your tv series into the search box. Example:
The episodes will be downloaded from, GoUnlimited or


If you press ‘F3’ or ‘Ctrl’+‘F’ you can filter the search result.



All downloaded files are named like ‘Artist - Title.mp3’. ID3 tags are automatically generated. If you check the ‘Deep folder layout’ option, the files are stored as ‘\Artist\Album\Artist - Title.mp3’.
You can choose whether cover images should be downloaded.
Version 2.41 · · 19.9MB · VirusTotal Report
New: YouTube,, mp3pn, myfreemp3,,,, zaycev working again, and TvNow added, for GoUnlimited and source added History
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Supported Languages:

Arabic Arabic
Czech Czech
English English
French French
German German
Greek Greek
Polish Polish
Portuguese Portuguese
Russian Russian
Simplified Chinese Simplified Chinese
Spanish Spanish
Swedish Swedish
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Command line options:

/a Keep window always on top
/e Automatically Exit
/l <language code> Change user interface language to specified 2 letter language code


Screenshot of the Free Music and Video Downloader

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