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F3 / Ctrl+F Filter syntax

If you enter multiple words, each word must appear. If the word starts with a - sign, this word must not appear.
You can specify in which part the word must appear with title:, artist: and album:. For example ‘title:Crazy artist:Madonna title:-remix’ will show only songs from Madonna with Crazy in the title, but without the word remix.

Low Screen Resolution and High DPI Settings

If you have a small screen and set a higher dpi value, the application window maybe too large. You can enable a special mode if you set in the registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CompSoft\Lacey the DWORD BigFontLowScreenSize to 1.

Provider List

If you press the Ctrl or Shift key while selecting a provider, this provider will be selected and all others will be deselected. So you can switch between providers with one mouse click.