Version Change
2.96 ARD and TikTok fixed
2.95 HTTPS download error fixed
2.94 added
2.93 Spaces working again
2.92, and added,, Hulkshare, and Spaces working again
2.91 Album search working again, Arte, ZDF and Spaces working again
2.90 added,, and youtube working again, Per-Monitor DPI support added
2.89 added
2.88 Crash prevented
2.87 Hotpleer, Spaces and MyFreeMP3 working again
2.86 Album download working again
2.85 Spaces working again
2.84 Automatic language selection improved
2.83 MP3 conversion fixed
2.82 Faster Youtube download
2.81 Youtube search working again, Italian transaltion improved
2.80 Youtube search working again, working again
2.79 Search no more stuck,, and working again, Copy Download Info menu item added
2.78 TikTok added, youtube-dlp download added
2.77 added, KinoFox, Spaces working again
2.76 added, Album search keeps original track name
2.75 Album search support added, Download and convert fixed, Spaces, MP3Clan and Hotpleer working again
2.74 Album search support added, Spaces, MP3Clan and Hotpleer working agian
2.73 ZDF and KinoFox working again
2.72 Arte working again
2.71 Faster startup
2.70 Spaces working again, MP3MusicRu no more closing app silently on search if WebView2 component is installed
2.69 Youtube working again
2.68 VKontakte and MP3Clan working again, Arte improved, Menu option "Select My Favorites" added
2.67 added, TvNow working again
2.66 working again
2.65 added, Phoenix and fixed
2.64 LightAudio working again
2.63 TvNow, Phoenix, Kiwi6 and KinoFox working again
2.62 MyFreeMP3 working again
2.61 added, Arte working again
2.60 Youtube, MP3Clan, Phoenix and Zaycev working again
2.59 Italian translation improved
2.58 Crash prevented
2.57 ARD working again
2.56 Phoenix working again
2.55 added
2.54 MP3Clan, LightAudio and Kiwi6 added
2.53 HulkShare, Kika, Spaces and MyFreeMP3 working again, more command line options added
2.52 Youtube playlists working again, ZDF improved
2.51 Hungarian translation added
2.50 ZDF improved
2.49 Youtube working again
2.48 added, working again
2.47 Crash fixed
2.46 Youtube working again
2.45 Youtube search working again
2.44 BandCamp working again
2.43 Crash prevented
2.42 Youtube, Spaces and mixcloud improved, already downloaded files are shown in green, more options for file names
2.41 YouTube,, mp3pn, myfreemp3,,,, zaycev working again, and TvNow added, for GoUnlimited and source added
2.40 Italian translation added
2.39 working again
2.38 Youtube improved
2.37 DarkMP3 improved
2.36 Youtube, VKontakte, and HulkShare improved
2.35 Youtube and Soundcloud working again
2.34 Soundcloud working again, direct playlist/url download source added
2.33 Youtube supports now encrypted high resolution videos
2.32 added, always-top-most command line option added
2.31 Youtube working again
2.30 Youtube working again
2.28 Crash prevented
2.27 darkmp3 url updated, mp3red url updated
2.26 Soundcloud working again, VKontakte Video improved, User Interface improved
2.25 working again, added
2.24 vkontakte and Soundcloud working again
2.23 and Baidu working again
2.22 Youtube and vkontakte are working again
2.21 ARD Mediathek working again
2.20 QQMusic working again in China only, Czech translation added
2.19 Youtube and VKontakte working again
2.18 DailyMotion added,, ZDF, Pesnik, RuTube improved
2.17 YouTube working again
2.16 Watchbox, Arte, MP3Red, MyFreeMP3,, Phoenix, QQMusic, VKontakte and Xiami working again
2.15 Xiami working again
2.14 QQMusic working again
2.13 imporved, soundcloud working again, new app icon
2.12 rapidvideo, and working again
2.11 added, French translations added
2.10 Soundcloud working again
2.09 Polish translation added by , Bandcamp, Myfreemp3, Myzuka and Xiami working again
2.08 iPleer.Fm and MyFreeMP3 working again
2.07 added, MyFreeMP3 working again
2.06 and added, MyFreeMP3 working again
2.05 added, SoundCloud working again
2.04 Mixcloud working again
2.03 and added, several other sources updated
2.02 and MyFreeMP3 is working again
2.01 improved, mp3pn added, added
2.00 added
1.99 added
1.98 High DPI support improved, Volume control added, and VidziTv working again
1.97 login working again, Youtube support improved
1.96 working again, Rutube added
1.95 All Youtube videos are working again
1.94 QQMusic and Soundcloud working again
1.93 Encrypted Youtube videos support working again
1.92 working again
1.91 search with keyword supported now, convert to MP3 after download feature added
1.90 support improved
1.89 add support
1.88 added, Soundcloud working again, Youtube improved
1.87 improved
1.86 New ZDF layout supported, url support added
1.85 VKontakte and VKontakte Video working again, KinoX with Streamcloud improved
1.84 and added
1.83 Youtube download improved, Youtube playlist track numbers stored
1.82 and zippyshare working again
1.81 added, more youtube videos are now supported
1.80 source added
1.79 Bandcamp track number support added, arte and vkontakte video working again, Low video resolution selection added
1.78 Column sorting and fullscreen settings are now saved
1.77 Youtube and Vimeo 4K HD video download support added
1.76 Ukrainian translation added by, VEVO added
1.75 ARD, Baidu and Youtube improved, Soundcloud working again
1.74 New Filename, please check your shortcut, Soundcloud is now really working
1.73 New Filename, please check your shortcut, mixcloud and soundcloud are working again
1.72 New Filename, please check your shortcut, stability improvements
1.71 New Filename, please check your shortcut,,, and added, minor stability improvements
1.70 New Filename, please check your shortcut,,, and added
1.69 New Filename, please check your shortcut, Stability improved, and YouTube improved
1.68 New Filename, please check your shortcut, Portuguese and Swedish translations added, Crash prevented, added
1.67 New Filename, please check your shortcut, new user interface, new providers added

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