Version Change
1.97 Crash prevented
1.96 iPerf compatibility improved and server list updated
1.95 Crash during log save fixed
1.94 Per-Monitor DPI support added
1.93 mDNS support in Windows 10 added
1.92 Wiz lights detection added, Chinese support improved
1.91 server list working again
1.90 Use Ping instead of ARP for device detection option added
1.89 DNS multi TXT records fixed
1.88 speed test added
1.87 Enum shares using server name instead of IP address if possible
1.86 Additional WhoIs provider added
1.85 IPv6 scanning improved, Force port scan even if ARP and Ping fails fixed
1.84 Option to force port scan even if ARP and Ping fails
1.83 Italian translation improved
1.82 WhoIs server can be specified
1.81 Asus and Miracast detection added, new command line options for scripting added
1.80 Italian translation added
1.79 Matrix result view improved
1.78 Crash prevented
1.77 Sierra Monitor device detection added
1.76 /s command line option added to use smaller font and allow window to be resized to every size
1.75 upload speed test added
1.74 French translation added
1.73 working again
1.72 Russian translation fixed
1.71 Support scanning list of ip addresses
1.70 MSA device detection improved
1.69 Remember scan start and end address
1.68 Port scan logic improved
1.67 Context menu option to open browser on open http ports
1.66 New ini option Language=en to specify user interface language
1.65 User interface improved
1.64 Chinese translation added, better detection by Ping if ARP is not working
1.63 Slow port scan speed is now slower for better detection
1.62 Port scan speed option added
1.61 High DPI support improved, large port range scan improved
1.60 High contrast mode improved
1.59 Port range for scan can be specified
1.58 speedtest added, scan specified ports now possible
1.57 Command line option added, Russian and Ukrainian added by
1.56 Buffalo network device detection added, Traceroute and DNS query added, About tab shows network configuration, Russian and Ukrainian added by
1.55 Matrix view added, iPerf speed test added
1.54 Synology and Epson support added
1.53 MySQL and MongoDB support added
1.52 Swedish translation added
1.51 Found devices are now sorted better
1.50 Brazilian translation added
1.49 Tab order fixed
1.48 Turkish and German translations added
1.47 Option to reduce the resource usage while scanning for ports
1.46 Portable version support
1.45 Minor bug fixed
1.44 IPv6 Multicast Ping search added
1.43 Automatically download oui.txt to get vendor names from mac addresses
1.42 Microsoft Network Speed Test server added

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